Data Exploration#

The Chronograf Explore tool allows you to browse databases and topics in InfluxDB.

InfluxDB provides an SQL-like query language called InfluxQL and a more powerful data scripting language called Flux. Both languages can be used in the Data Explore tool to query your data.

See Environments for the Chronograf URL in each Sasquatch environment.

For example, to query the lsst.example.skyFluxMetric metric created in the previous section, go to Chronograf at USDF dev, and use the following InfluxQL query in the Explore tool:

SELECT "meanSky" FROM "lsst.example"."autogen"."lsst.example.skyFluxMetric"

where lsst.example is the InfluxDB database, autogen is the defualt InfluxDB retention policy and lsst.example.skyFluxMetric is the InfluxDB measurement for this metric.

Read more about the Chronograf Explore tool in the Chronograf documentation.