Sasquatch uses namespaces to organize data and prevent naming conflicts between different systems.

In Kafka, namespaces are implemented using topic prefixes. Use the lsst.{system}.{topic} convention for the full qualified name of your Kafka topics. You can add more hierarquical levels as needed, for exampple lsst.{system}.{component}.{topic}.

In Sasquatch, the first part of the namespace lsst.{system} is used to name the InfluxDB connector and database, so that users can more easily find and relate data.

The following namespaces are configured in Sasquatch:

  • lsst.example used for example metrics in the Sasquatch documentation.

  • lsst.sal used by SAL for the observatory telemetry, events and commands topics.

  • used for metrics computed by DM Science Pipelines.

  • lsst.rubintv used for RubinTV data.

  • used for the Camera diagnostic metrics.

  • lsst.verify.ap used for ap_verify metrics for backward compatibility with the lsst.verify package.

  • lsst.verify.drp used for verify_drp metrics for backward compatibility with the lsst.verify package.

  • lsst.debug used for testing (available at USDF dev environment only).